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Taking the Food Stamp Challenge!

When the idea of a food stamp challenge to mark Hunger Action Month was floated around the food bank, I quickly agreed to take it on. Rather too quickly.

I do fancy myself to be reasonably frugal, but have also been known to live by the generational 'treat yo'self' mantra that has reputedly seen home ownership eclipsed by avocado toast and artisanal coffee.

As soon as my boisterous bravado wore off I started to consider the scale of challenge that tens of millions of Americans face in keeping themselves and their loved ones from hunger... and started feeling a little anxious about the whole thing.

Having more limited resources makes better planning an essential and, while I've never been 'wealthy', I have been fortunate enough not to have plan for each and every meal, as many must and do.

My first challenge will be to figure out a week's worth of nutritious recipes within budget, but not quite yet eh.

I will post all of my shopping (receipts and all) and recipes for the last week in September (beginning Sunday 24th). Please get in touch with any suggestions!

If you plan to join me in marking Hunger Action Month by taking the Food Stamp Challenge please get in touch ( and let me know. You can also record your own Challenge experience by starting a blog here.



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