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Our Story


The founding members of the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank (SVFB) were first and foremost dedicated residents of the Snoqualmie Valley community. Collectively they brought a wealth of experience in running food banks, years of non-profit expertise and have dedicated many hours over their lifetime to serving others within their community. This group of individuals felt there was an opportunity to create an inclusive, community-based food bank in the valley, that was solely focused on helping our neighbors thrive.

Founded on the belief that the health of our community is dependent on the wellbeing of those that live in it, the SVFB has established three guiding principles to serving its clients:


          To be a helpful inclusive resource to our neighbors when they need a hand up.


          To be a safe place to get food and other helpful resources.


          To treat all clients with respect and care.


The SVFB is an organization run by neighbors, for our neighbors.  We are actively seeking corporate and personal donations, as well as individuals who are interested in supporting this organization.


We understand there are many organizations for you to support, both in time and in donations. Our committed board has established three guiding principles for donations and ongoing support of the SVFB:


          All funds donated to SVFB will be used to support our mission of providing food and resources to
         our neighbors.


          Experience drives efficiencies; our team is experienced so we know how to make donations go far and 
          operations to run smoothly.


          Dedication to our cause drives our actions; we are dedicated to making a direct impact in the lives of our


The Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, publicly supported organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


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