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Host a Food or Fund Drive

Food drives are a great way to build community and support our food bank. You can run a food drive at work, school, church, and beyond.

How Do I Host a Food Drive?

We make it easy to host a free drive. Follow these steps to host an awesome food drive:
1. Register your food drive with us. This is the most important step because it helps make sure that we are prepared to take the donations from your drive.
2. Gather donation bins. You can use cardboard boxes or bins that you have lying around the house. Ask your local grocery store if you need more bins!
3. Promote your food drive on social media! Get the community involved by letting people know you are hosting the food drive.
4. Host your drive!
5. Drop off your donations. Please plan to drop off your donations during our donation drop-off hours. If that does not work, please reach out to us at:

Food Drive Tips

Create a competition!
Work with your friends, neighbors, school, or business to see who can raise the most or collect the most food.

Consider a theme for your drive.
Reverse bake sale to collect baking ingredients like flour, sugar, spices, extracts, etc.
Cooking oil drive with an emphasis on alternative oils like avocado, grapeseed, etc.

Set a goal and create a tracking system.

Use social media to advertise your drive.

Be sure to give us the details of your drive and tagging details so we can help promote your event.
Tag us @snoqualmievalleyfoodbank on Instagram and Facebook
Use #snoqualmievalleyfoodbank

You Can Also Collect Money!

Monetary donations are a critical component in our mission to alleviate food insecurity across the valley. By working directly with suppliers, our local farmers, and combining efforts with our industry partners, we can stretch every dollar and purchase food and produce at a fraction of the cost. Often at prices under $1 per pound. (We are not talking about just bananas. We purchase the majority of our fresh produce for under a dollar a pound, a price that is rarely seen in grocery stores!)


It also helps us pay for other critical expenses. We encourage posting our QR Code flyer to capture financial support as part of your food drive for SVFB.

Other ways to help raise funds for SVFB include working with your employer to match any donations you may make to SVFB. 

Register Your Food or Fund Drive

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