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Meet our Board

Lisa Yamasaki | President

Lisa grew up in Fall City and has a great love for the Snoqualmie Valley and its residents. She’s worked in fundraising and community outreach in the nonprofit sector for 18 years, and is currently the Director of Development at Encompass. Lisa lives in North Bend with her two sons, husband and two dogs, where she loves being outdoors, cooking, gardening, podcast bingeing, and pretending to be crafty.

Why I’m serving on the Board: This community means so much to me and I want everyone in it to have access to what they need. The Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank plays such an essential role in providing for those experiencing food scarcity. They go beyond the essentials, though. With ever interaction, they treat their clients with the respect and dignity everyone deserves and I think it makes a big difference. I’m proud and humbled to be a part of an organization that operates with such care, passion, and integrity for its community.


John Norberg | Vice President

John Norberg, his wife and two boys moved to North Bend after taking a  position with the Snoqualmie Valley School District in 2016. John has worked in both business and education for the past 20 years and is currently the Principal at Snoqualmie Elementary. His wife Finley, was raised in the Valley and they enjoy spending their time taking their boys out on the local trails or spending time with family and friends.


Why I am serving on the Board:  I believe we all have an obligation to give back to the community in which we live. The Food Bank provides an essential service that has the ability to not only feed families of the Valley but provide them a connection  to other services and resources to better help one another.

Krista Oppie Johnson | Secretary

A Seattle native and Pastor at Mt Si Lutheran Church in North Bend, Krista joins the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank as Director.  Previously,  she was the Pastor of Bethany Lutheran in Elmira, NY and a Synod Council Member focusing on mission and socially responsible investment teams.  Krista has served to train congregations in Strategic Mission Planning and was on the Upstate NY Synod Council of the ELCA.  She attended the University of San Diego for her undergraduate degree in Theology and Religious Studies and earned her Master's (MDiv) from Luther Seminary in St Paul, MN.  Krista's previous volunteering experience includes serving as a youth for the Seattle Compass Center and with the NWWA Synod Hunger Team.  She also served as a missionary doing human rights work in the Philippines, El Salvador, and Mexico.  

Why I’m serving on the Board: I am committed to serving North Bend and feel a particular call to serve those who find themselves in need of the most basic of necessities; food.  The congregation I serve is equally engaged and committed to seeing the hungry fed and the causes of hunger rooted out so that all living in the valley can live without the fear and worry of what to feed themselves and their families. 


Luann Ochs | Treasurer

Luann has been in the Valley since 2018 and began serving at the Food Bank early in 2019. She is a leader in the medical diagnostics industry, having held Vice President positions at BD Diagnostics and the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI). She has served on national and international committees and boards, including for ISO, WHO, CDC, AdvaMed, CLSI, and the American National Standards Institute. In her spare time she likes to walk or bike the Valley trails, cook, and quilt.


Why I'm serving on the Board: I have lived in 5 different states and in each one, once I am settled, I like to find a volunteer position where I can be involved with my community while helping others. The SVFB is a wonderful organization that is making a difference for so many people in this community. It is my honor and privilege to serve.  

Ken Vaughn | Director

My name is Ken Vaughn, and my wife and I have been a part of the Snoqualmie Valley for about 15 years now. We moved from Salt Lake City to come back to the state we loved and grew up in We spent 10 yrs in Salt Lake City and b4 that time we lived in Lake Forest Park for 15 years.
Both Joan and I worked for 10 yrs at University of Washington in different jobs. In 1996 we moved our family to Salt Lake City expecting to stay for 2 yrs. On business .We stayed for 10 yrs and loved it. 2006 we came back to the Seattle area to help with family as needed. While looking for homes I found the neighborhood we currently live in. The Beautiful Mt Si Rd...  And here we are. 


Why I’m serving on the Board:  Joan and I both believe in volunteering and giving back to the community as much as possible. I feel a sense of responsibility to do the small things that I can do to help to make our community a better place to live. And working with the food bank has helped me understand some of the needs we  as families may have. It's great to see my fellow board members and those in that role before us just how passionate and understanding they are to help in any way they can. That's what I want to do.


Austin Dodd | Director

Austin has lived his whole life along the I-90 corridor and is committed to improving the health and well-being of his friends, neighbors, and community members. He is graduating from Seattle Pacific University with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a minor in Theatre, with the hopes of being accepted into medical school soon.

Why I’m serving on the Board: There are many people in the community that wish to donate to the less fortunate, and there are too many families who are in critical need of support, but the key is to have an organization who can connect those groups together. I am honored to be a part of the SVFB because of the dedication they show in their mission to end hunger in the valley - I have seen first hand how hard the volunteers, staff and board work to be the efficient and respectful cornerstone that our community needs, and I am grateful for the opportunity I have been given to help.

Isha Ralhan | Director

Isha recently moved to the North bend neighborhood with her husband and 2-year-old daughter. She's worked in the investment industry for over 15 years across 2 continents at rating agencies, banks, corporations and fund management. At her current role, Isha is responsible for choosing debt investments across industries. She holds a CFA charter, postgraduate degree in Finance and did her undergraduate majors in Economics. Isha likes to spend time outdoors with family and binge-watching drama series! 

Why I’m serving on the Board: Having my roots in India, I grew up seeing a great economic divide and how circumstances shape you as a person. The lack of food for one’s family compels people to do unimaginable things. I am an advocate for food and education being the two necessities for a brighter global future. The macro issues which countries face today, need actions at the micro level and charity really needs to begin at home! 

Meet our Staff

Nikki Lloyd | Executive Director

A long time North Bend resident, Nikki has been involved and active in The Valley community for many years. Her background in Spanish Teaching and Elementary Education has taken her into leadership roles at Encompass, where she was the Manager of Family Support Services, and Newport Covenant Christian Preschool, where she served as Director. She brings a wealth of skills from her experience in legal, HR, and community involvement.


Why I am serving: I know SVFB to be a pillar of our community. I have a belief that human connection is a critical need for each of us. I believe that food is a beautiful and sacred vehicle to this connection.

An Wynants | Operations Manager

A Valley resident since 2016, An moved from Belgium in 2016 and has been volunteering at the food bank since 2017. An worked for 18 years as a 7th and 8th grade math teacher and as an administrator for the boarding school connected to the school she was teaching. In Belgium she was volunteering at the local Red Cross department. She loves being in the valley because of the cozy feeling it has compared to a big city and because of the amazing nature, where she can hike with her husband and their dog.

Why I am serving:  I started volunteering a half year after moving to the USA. I think it is a perfect way to get involved in the local community. The Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank is a great place to work, clients are so grateful, and it’s an honor to work with so many dedicated volunteers.


Dylan Johnson | Operations Assistant

Dylan went to Snohomish High School and got his bachelor's at The Evergreen State College with a focus on music performance and the practice of sustainable agriculture. He loves the Snoqualmie Valley and all of Western Washington and plans to live here all his life.  He is proud to work at the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank.

Why I am serving: I believe that access to healthy food is a human right. I plan to live here in the Valley the rest of my life and it is important for me to be an active member of the community.

Shirley Heath | Guest Support Specialist

Shirley is a lifelong resident of the Snoqualmie Valley, growing up in Fall City and attending local schools. She has held several positions over the years including running a small home business while homeschooling her two (now grown) children and serving as the office manager for a Sammamish based construction company. She enjoys spending time with her family (all located in North Bend) and traveling and hiking around the world with her husband. 

Why I am serving: I started volunteering with the Food Band when COVID hit. I immediately felt a connection with the staff and volunteers and began working part-time in July. I very much enjoy serving the community through my work at the Food Bank.

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