Meet our Board

Nancy Jones | President

A valley resident since July of 2012, Nancy joined the Board in December 2014.She began serving the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank in February of 2014 working in various roles: distribution line, front desk, office assistant, resource coordinator and now as Volunteer Coordinator and Board Member. Nancy’s previous volunteering experience includes the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, DAWN (a domestic abuse network), Catholic Community Services (building a communal kitchen for their Titusville Interim Housing) , Auburn Youth Services (assisting in the remodel of their teen housing), United Nations Foundation (a member of the Shot@Life team delivering childhood immunizations in Uganda), PlanUSA (providing entrepreneurial training to women in the Dominican Republic), UNICEF (participating in an education project for girls in Myanmar in January 2015) and local opportunities in her community. She previously held the position of a Boeing Customer Relations Manager and brings volunteer training, event planning, organizational, leadership and fundraising skills. Nancy seeks to reach out and help our clients reach their goal of independence. She supports offering assistance - whether it be food, resources, helping with DSHS issues, or just listening, to the clients, as needed.


Why I'm serving on the Board: 

Hungry people are not the problem, hunger is!  I want to do what I can to alleviate hunger from our community. I don’t want people to have to worry about feeding their families so I will do my best to reach out and help our clients to the best of my ability. Serving on the board gives me an opportunity to make a difference and help the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank continue

to serve our community.

Sharon Augenstein | Vice President

A valley resident since 2005, Sharon has been a Volunteer fighting against hunger since moving to the Valley and is one of the founding Board members of Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank.  She comes to us with previous Board member and volunteer experience at the North Bend Senior Center, Corner of Love Mission, Team Russia Mission, The Boeing Classic, Lake Washington Institute of Technology and a Rotarian since 1999.  Sharon brings to the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank, 37 years in the field of Education, retiring with the distinction of College President Emeritus. She has held various organizational positions: secretary, treasurer offices, and numerous leadership roles.  She also has been active in various committees, fund raising, hosting exchange students and completing several missions since moving to Washington.  Sharon’s background in Planning, Organizing and Administration of a large organization, managing and working well with people will all be assets in her role with the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank.


Why I’m serving on the Board: To carry out the Mission of the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank by helping our Neighbors in our Community.

Bob Cole | Treasurer

A valley resident since 2007, Bob joined thet Board in November, 2014.  He began serving the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank in September by helping to unload the "Tuesday" truck.  He comes to the Board with a strong business and resource development background.  As a child he grew up in Ecuador, South America, where his parents were missionaries and he is bi-lingual.  He served five years in the United States Air Force.  He did his undergraduate work at Seattle Pacific University and his graduate work at the University of Portland.  He worked 21 years at Columbia Gorge Community College focusing on resource development.  He was self-employed for 15 years and now uses that experience to promote economic development, financial management, and resource development.  From 2007-2012 he was the Economic Development Coordinator for the City of Snoqualmie.  His other volunteer services include church, the Issaquah Singers and supporting six grandchildren here in the valley. 


Why I'm serving on the Board: To help feed the hungry in the Snoqualmie Valley.  To support the many volunteers at the food bank and to assist in distributing the food that is provided by so many generous individuals, businesses, and government organizations.  


Bob Keeton | Secretary

Employed as Police Officer with the City of Snoqualmie for the past 27 years, currently holding the position of Sergeant.  A native of Washington state and a valley resident since 2003.  A member of Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church. Explorer Learning for Life Post 2005 Advisor since 2012.  Founding member and current President of SECAST a volunteer group assisting the City of Snoqualmie with emergency communications during times of disaster or large planned events. 

Why I’m serving on the Board:  I am interested in the SVFB as a valuable resource for the diverse citizens who call Snoqualmie Valley home. 
I would like to see the Board continue to lead the SVFB forward in a manner that will best serve their clients.  As I have spent the last 27 years managing with dignity and respect all the people who call the Snoqualmie Valley home.  I have formed a varied network of resources to connect community members in need with organizations who can provide assistance.  I feel I have a unique perspective that I can bring to the SVFB board


​​Sherry Sparling | Director
A valley resident and a volunteer since 2010, Sherry became a board member in October 2014. She has filled positions of distribution, reception desk and night supervisor at the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank -and even acted in Night on a Dark Trail, which benefits the food bank. Sherry serves on the Doorways Committee at Cascade Covenant Church, has been a 4-H leader, a PR Representative on the Council of her former church and was President and Vice President of the PTA of her children’s elementary school. She wants to help make the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank more visible in the community and help educate the community of the vital role it plays here in our valley.Sherry wants to raise more funds to help promote new projects and support this valuable asset.She is currently an Office Manager for Alta Services, Inc and previously held positions of bookkeeper, instructional assistant and real estate agent. Sherry has a degree in Animal Science and also studied Business Math.She brings valuable skills to the board and experience in running a business and working with the public.


Why I’m serving on the Board: In 2010 my husband lost his job and this food bank was here for me and my family. I have served this food bank ever since.I started out helping with distribution then I moved to serve at the reception desk.When one of our supervisor’s husband took ill, I filled in and have been the evening supervisor ever since.I truly believe in what this food bank does and have seen firsthand how it helps the people of this community including myself.Without it, I don’t know how I would have fed my family.I want to help those in need who helped me and if I can contribute how it affected my life and be a witness for this food bank to help gain support and keep it going then I will have done something to pay it forward in my lifetime.

Jill Toft | Director
A Washington native and a valley resident since 2002, Jill became acquainted with the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank through our local Rotary, volunteering for the President’s Cup and gathering food for the Summer program.   For the last 20 years, she has focused on raising her children ages 17, 15 and 4.5 as well as working as a Professional American Sign Language Interpreter around the Puget Sound Area.  Over the years Jill has helped at her children’s school in the classroom and various PTSA events. She had the privilege of Serving with Habitat for Humanity as CO-Chair on the Family Selection Committee. In this position, Jill was involved with interviewing families, walking them through the process and making recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Why I’m serving on the Board:  Grateful for all I have and God’s provision for me. It’s an honor for me to be part of this Board. I love the heart of the SVFB, it offers hope.  I’m eager to play a role in helping to meet community members' urgent need by providing food in addition to partnering individuals and families with local resources so they can see beyond their current situation and tap into their potential.


Cindy Altheide | Director

A valley resident since 1992, Cindy has been a food bank Volunteer for several years and one of the founding Board members of the SVFB.  She is involved in music, hospitality and fundraising for her church, Community Hot Meals and is a strong proponent for United Way as well as other causes that help improve lives for others.  Through her role as a Loaned Executive to United Way of King County (2012), she was exposed to different non-profit businesses and a variety of fundraising approaches.  Cindy comes to us with over 25 years of experience as a Real Estate Lending Executive and participation in committees on corporate documents and policies.  Her broad experience spans operations management, training, HR policy administration, strategic planning and marketing.  Cindy’s strong organizational skills, advocating for solutions and mobilizing cross-functional support for projects will all be assets in her role with the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank.  She is interested in short term and long term development plans for the food bank.

Why I’m serving on the Board: To help impact the lives of others in a positive way.  To put my skills and talents to use in my community.  To help show the love of Christ working through Christian and non-Christian community organizations united in one cause.

Krista Oppie| Director

A Seattle native and Pastor at Mt Si Lutheran Church in North Bend, Krista joins the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank as Director.  Previously,  she was the Pastor of Bethany Lutheran in Elmira, NY and a Synod Council Member focusing on mission and socially responsible investment teams.  Krista has served to train congregations in Strategic Mission Planning and was on the Upstate NY Synod Council of the ELCA.  She attended the University of San Diego for her undergraduate degree in Theology and Religious Studies and earned her Master's (MDiv) from Luther Seminary in St Paul, MN.  Krista's previous volunteering experience includes serving as a youth for the Seattle Compass Center and with the NWWA Synod Hunger Team.  She also served as a missionary doing human rights work in the Philippines, El Salvador, and Mexico.  


Why I’m serving on the Board: I am committed to serving North Bend and feel a particular call to serve those who find themselves in need of the most basic of necessities; food.  The congregation I serve is equally engaged and committed to seeing the hungry fed and the causes of hunger rooted out so that all living in the valley can live without the fear and worry of what to feed themselves and their families. 

Cae Morgan | Director


Bio will be posted soon

Meet our Staff

Nikki Lloyd | Executive Director

A North Bend resident, Nikki has served as a youth leader with Cascade Covenant Church, for the past seven years. Her background in Spanish Teaching and Elementary Education has taken her into leadership roles at Encompass, where she was the Manager of Family Support Services, and Newport Covenant Christian Preschool, where she served as Director. She brings a wealth of skills from her experience in legal, HR, and community involvement.


Why I am serving: I know SVFB to be a pillar of our community. I have a deep desire to be connected and involved in the community where I live. I believe that food is a beautiful and sacred vehicle to this connection.

Tom Foot  | Operations Manager

A recent transplant to the valley, Tom joined the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank in June of 2017 as the Operations Manager.   He holds an MSc Public Policy from University College London, the oldest university in London.  Tom comes to us with transferable professional experience gained while in the following positions: Communications and Outreach Manager, National Health Service; Communications and Information Systems Manager, Mayor of London’s Office for Policing and Crime; and Policy Committee Officer, Metropolitan Police Authority.  During his career, Tom participated in many initiatives including Surrey Integrated Care Hubs, Surrey Stroke Services Redesign, Met Police Anti-Corruption Initiative and the Formation of Association of Police and Crime Commissioners.  In addition, he served on the Regional Health Priorities Committee (covering c1.5 million population).

Growing up, Tom spent a chunk of his childhood volunteering, specifically delivering local council leaflets, and got chased by one or two dogs along the way.  His first job in food was at age 14, at the quintessential English country pub. He then worked nights in event catering while at college. Tom gained policy experience in the Houses of Parliament and for the Mayor of London, and then ran public outreach and patient involvement for the UK’s National Health Service. He’s a keen gardener and grows much of his own produce.

Why I am serving:  How can so many of us go hungry while all of that food goes to waste? In tackling tough problems like these, we also meet our neighbors and build stronger, more prosperous communities. Paraphrasing Einstein: each of us is just one part of the whole we call ‘universe’ (sorry Albert), and we rise and fall together. It is my great honor to spend my hours with so many wonderful people.


Sue Gallacher | Inventory Coordinator

A valley resident since 1983, Sue has been the Inventory Coordinator since March 2017.   After growing up in Seattle, she spent 27 years as the Warehouse Supervisor at the Issaquah School District retiring in 2016.  During her time at the District, she received a Superintendent's 
"Chain of Achievement Award".  Sue received her BA in Education form Western Washington University.  She spent 11 years as the Girls Head Tennis Coach at Mt Si High School, receiving Coach of the Year honors three different times.  Over the years, she has spent some time volunteering at Northwest Harvest in Kent and recently went through the training program to become a volunteer at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.  


Why I am serving:  I began volunteering at the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank soon after I retired as I wanted an opportunity to help others in my community.  I'm honored to work with a wonderful staff and volunteers and so appreciate all they do for our Valley residents. 

Susan Murphy | Client Services Specialist

A valley resident of 14 years, Susan has been the Client Services Specialist at the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank since March of 2016.   She previously worked at the Snohomish County Court Clerk and Prosecutor’s Office.  While working within the court system, Susan worked daily with stressed and distraught individuals. She has a background in Legal Research and loves researching and delving deep into topics. Her experience and research interest are great assets in her current position where she assists clients with a variety of requests to secure the resources they need.  Susan has devoted time and involvement on the St Joseph auction committee, as a MSHS basketball booster/concessions (Go Wildcats!) and as a volunteer of Women of Vision (World Vision).  While working as a member on the Women of Vision committee, she took part in the organizing and grass roots fundraising for Hoops of Hope, a community event to involve our kids in community service.  Susan is already making a difference and contributing ideas to improve of offerings to our neighbors.


Why I am serving:  I’ve lived in the Valley for 14 years, its where we’ve raised our kids. Most of my volunteer work has directly involved my kids and now that they are older I wanted to do something more for our community.  No one should have to do without basic needs and we provide some relief to our Valley neighbors. It warms my heart how dedicated my co-workers and volunteers are to the food bank, they are true treasures!