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Food Drives can be a great way to be part of the Community In Action!  Food drives also provide variety and supplement our shelves so that we have food to feed our neighbors in need.


Thank you for considering to hold a food drive.  Please read the following to help guide you in planning to make your drive as successful as it can be.


What kind of food drive would you like to have?


               A Community Food Drive is a drive where you collect food at a grocery store.

                          This is a good opportunity for team building or group activity.

                          Contact the store manager and arrange a time for your food drive. Contact us 
                         and we will post your drive on our website.  Ask the store manager about 
                         special case pricing and have cases available for customers to buy.


               A Private Food Drive is a drive where you hold a food drive at work, school, church 
                        or even special events like birhday parties or anniversaries.  This can be fun for
                        families of all ages and even an opportunity to build a tradition.


Would you like to personalize your food drive? There are many ideas that can add to the fun.


               Visual Goals- have a target number of pounds collected.  Create a thermostat to chart progress.


               Competition- friendly competition between classes, departments, floors or groups for the most
                                    donations collected.  Make sure to have an enticing prize for the winners.


               Company Matches- have your company match a cash donation for the equivelant pounds donated.


               Theme Drives- hold an item specific food drive. Such as holiday meal items, breakfast items,
                                       canned proteins or kid friendly to name a few.  Get creative!


Other helpful ideas-


               Establish your date and times of your food drive and let us know so we can help you advertise.


               Promote your food drive and get people excited to participate.  Use flyers and social media.


               How are you collecting the food? Contact us if you need donation barrels.


               Contact us to arrange a time to drop off donations at the food bank.  We can arrange a time outside

               of our regular donation drop off times.


               Here is a list of items most needed at Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank















Food Drives

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