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Help us to keep feeding our community


Our Community Since 2013

Your generous support allows us to provide food to feed hungry individuals and families. We are committed to making the most efficient and effective use of the funds donated to us.

Your donation helps us:

  • Purchase food items using our bulk discounts that may not be donated.

  • Gas to fuel the truck/van used to rescue unwanted food from local grocery stores.

  • Purchase seasonal produce from locale farmers to support our community and reduce food waste. 

Did you know...

$XX donations = provides a family of 4 fresh ingredients to make home-cooked makes for a week.

$500 donations = whole week's worth of fresh fruits and veggies  through the SVFB.

$1,000 donations = XXX

The food bank is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit, tax-exempt, publicly supported organization. All donations made to the food bank are tax deductible.

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